Talita Cumi

Home Needs
  •   ​Trash Bags
  •   ​Laundry Soap
  •   Dish Soap
  •   Toilet Paper
  •   Cleaning Supplies
  •   Fabuloso
  •   Paper Towels
  •   Napkins
  •   Bar Soap
  •   Shampoo
  •   Conditioner
  •   Body Lotion
  •   Insect Spray
  •   Sponges/Scrubbers
  •   ​Broom
  •   Boxed Milk
  •   Boxed Juices
  •   Cereal
  •   Sugar
  •   Honey
  •   Oatmeal
  •   Pancake Mix
  •   Dry Frijoles
  •   Rice
The Children's Home is in constant need of basic supplies and non-perishable food items.  The children have been blessed abundantly with toys and gifts and at this time the home is really in need of the basics:  Food, supplies and finances to stabilize the budget. Above is a list of ongoing basics  Please check with Rosa via the contact us page if you would like to know about immediate needs or if you would like to provide help.